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The Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) cooperated with the Kaohsiung City Government to connect universities in the South of Taiwan (including National Sun Yat-sen University, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Kaohsiung Medical University and National Penghu University of Science and Technology) and set up five Southern Taiwan Interdisciplinary center for Innovative Technologies in 1995 to develop technology and industry research, and based on industrial needs to assist industrial transformation and innovation in southern Taiwan.

The goal of this center is to become a database for academic research teams. By providing useful information about the market, assist academic research teams in building appropriate business models, promote team connections and cooperation with manufacturers, and establish industrial ecosystem. By measuring the new markets and local industries of southern Taiwan (agriculture, metals, marine, medical device, Fun-Tech, circular economy, financial technology), and searching domestic and foreign research as the basis of a think tank, the center will integrate the energy of government-industry-university-institute and make National Sun Yat-sen University be a major platform and think tank for industry and government of southern Taiwan.




Medical device


Circular Economy

Financial Technology


Director: Department of Information Management, National Sun Yat-sen University Professor Jen-her, Wu

  • Former superintendent of National Sun Yat-sen University School of Management
  • Director of the Institute of Medical Management
  • Director of the Innovation Incubation Center
  • At present, he dedicated to the research of new management and business models in the medical, agricultural and other related industries and the program of National Science Council of Integrating Emergent Technology within an Innovative Business Model: A Case Study in Taiwanese Agriculture, etc.


  • Project Manager, National Sun Yat-sen University Chiao-Shin, Shih
  • Project Manager, National Sun Yat-sen University Chiung-Yi, Huang
  • Project Manager, National Sun Yat-sen University Li-Chu, Chen
  • Project Manager, National Sun Yat-sen University Yun-Chuan, Huang
  • Research Assistant, National Sun Yat-sen University Hsing-Bin, Lu
  • Administrative Officer, National Sun Yat-sen University Chih-Han, Hsiao

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Center for University Social Responsibility-Center for University Social Responsibility-Establishing a Rural E-commerce Platform Ecosystem-Promoting the Practice of New Technologies in Rural Communities


This plan promotes the goal: build a rural platform ecosystem, integrate resources from government, industry, research, and research as key agricultural activities, improve efficiency and performance, and promote the value creation of all stakeholders; (3) use new technologies to integrate virtual and physical channels Let farmers directly connect to the market, grasp demand, and promote growth. Drive focus, execution strategies and methods

Industry-University Program- Southern Taiwan Interdisciplinary center Industry Advanced Research Project 1


Inventory the industrial market needs and technological developments in the agricultural, metal, medical equipment, and marine industries of southern Taiwan, assist industry-government-academic-industry cross-disciplinary cooperation, and guide the industrial development in southern Taiwan. The actual performance includes support for the future development feasibility and business of start-ups in these areas.

Industry-University Program- Southern Taiwan Interdisciplinary center Industry Advanced Research Project 2


Assist agriculture, metals, marine, medical device, Fun-Tech, circular economy and financial technology to explore new opportunities, and link industry-university-academic-research cooperation to integrate international industry trends and the information of southern Taiwan.

Industry-University Program- High-value innovative composite materials and process development technology


Fiber-reinforced plastic composite materials are widely used in the shipbuilding industry. At present, Taiwan's large-scale yacht production has ranked among the top five in the world, and it is actively producing the nation's foundry business. This project studies and analyzes the dynamic performance of different composite ship structures, evaluates the various loads they receive, and then analyzes the composite hull structure with finite elements to achieve a lightweight ship with personnel comfort, hull and equipment safety.

Industry-University Program- Investigation on Business Opportunity Cooperation between Financial Technology and Financial Innovation Industry southern Taiwan


Based on the development of industry, livelihood economy and smart technology, Kaohsiung would deeply cultivate through the incubation of fin-tech and financial innovation new teams and related companies of industry chain, Kaohsiung hoped to cooperate with the policy goal of transforming smart cities to drive the next wave Peak development of the industry and livelihood economy. The "basic metals (steel industry)" and "fasteners" industries in the mass production industry had formed a complete industrial cluster and industrial chain ecology in southern Taiwan. This plan analyzed the opportunities of Kaohsiung's traditional manufacturing industry docking and the development of fin-tech, evaluated the important issues, possible innovative services, and proposed possible solutions.

Ministry of Science and Technology -Integrating Emergent Technology within an Innovative Business Model: A Case Study in Taiwanese Agriculture


Therefore, the purpose of this project is to design and develop an innovative business model for Taiwanese agriculture. Complying with our government’s 5+2 innovative industry policy, we have considered emergent technologies, new business models and social realization factors, along with an integrated concept of the agricultural industry, village, and farmer to develop creative solutions.

Ministry of Science and Technology -Integrating Emergent Technology within an Innovative Business Model: A Case Study in Taiwanese Agriculture


This project as a whole includes one main project and three sub-projects. An innovative business model integrates emergent technology with stakeholders (e.g., farmers, government agencies, suppliers, wholesalers) and collaborative activities that enables the development of a healthy eco-system, enhances value co-creation and creates greater job opportunities within the Taiwanese agricultural sector, thereby, solving the aforementioned problems.

Ministry of Science and Technology- E-Commerce Ecosystems in Rural Area: Leadership Development, Value Creation, and Interfirm Co-production


With the rapid expansion of e-commerce (EC) ecosystem, some rural EC clusters have also appeared in China since the mid-2000s, and have come to be known as “Taobao Villages”. A successful leader must have an environment of knowledge, technology, previous experience, trust, and support. However, the leadership development of grass-roots entrepreneurs (such as leaders in Taobao Village) that we see is not necessarily a necessary condition.Therefore, there is a need to investigate: (a) What factors enable interfirm co-production in a supply chain context? (b) What key properties define interfirm co-production (i.e. process synchronization and resource pooling) between firms and their supply chain partners? (c). What new value (i.e. reciprocal benefits) is jointly created through co-production?